430.2875 +9MHz shift CC07

DMR Repeaters have 2 Time slots TS1 and TS2 normally with DMR repeaters one slot is used for local and one slot is used for roaming (connecting to other networks such as Hubnet, Freestar or CQUK etc).

In the case Of GB7HA I decided to do things a little differently Time Slot 1 is connected to FreeStar System X Master and Time Slot 2 is connected the BrandMeister Master. So it is possibly simplest to think of it as 2 separate repeaters as both timeslots and be used at the same time. So 2 local users can have separate conversations at the same time.

TS1 – FreeStar System X offers a range of UK Networks such as FreeStar, CQUK, CQNW, CQ Cumbria & Sothern Fusion to name a few DMR repeaters use Talkgroups to connect to the various networks. Please note you can use TG9 on ether time slot if you want to have a local contact. System X is disconnect from the previous talk group when you change to the new one so there is no need to worry about disconnecting.

Click here for the system X dashboard

TS2 – BrandMeister which a very well know network offering a lot of world wide connectivity again this network is based on Talk groups. Some Popular ones being TG91 Worldwide (possibly the busiest talk group out there) and a number of local talk groups like Europe 92, London 2358 and Hubnet 23526 Etc please note you need to send Group call 4000 to disconnect.

GB7HA BrandMeister Page

Programming DMR radios can be complicated but some basic things to look out for is getting the frequencies in correctly please note that GB7HA is a reverse split repeater so it will TX at the bottom of the band on 430.2875MHz and you transmit on 439.2875MHz DMR repeaters use colour codes 07 in this case think of this as like CTCSS so important to set this or your transmission will be ignored. then you need to make Sure you are using the correct Time slots TS1 or TS2 depending which network you want to use. Then set the correct Talk Group.

Lots of Modern radios allow you to change talk group on the fly I run a couple of radios running GD77 firmware which are an example of these. So i would set up the Repeater Twice and have one as TS1 and one as TS2 then you can press and hold the # key to change talk group.

Coverage Map for GB7HA