Our Repeaters

Automatic return to Southern Fusion Room 41893 on all Wires-X Repeaters.
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Dual mode fusion DV and Analogue repeater, Based in the VARC Cabin it covers Harpenden, St Albans and Luton and more.
145.6125 MHz (-0.6 MHz) NFM 82.5Hz


The second fusion repeater, This one based at the Bedmond transmitter tower covers Hemel and surrounding villages.
433.025 MHz (+1.6 MHz) Dual mode (FM 82.5 Hz)


Our third fusion repeater. Based in Tring it covers Tring, Aylesbury Vale and the surrounding area .
439.4875 MHz (- 9 MHz) Digital only


DMR/D-Star MMDVM Repeater
430.2875Mhz (+9 MHz)
DMR - CC07
TS1 FreeSTAR : TS2 BrandMeister
D-Star GB7HA C - GB7HA G
Note - No Static TG set up


Analogue Internet Linked Repeater
Based at the VARC Cabin
Covering Harpenden, St Albans and Luton
430.8125 Mhz (+7.6 MHz) 67 Hz CTCSS
AllStar 59398 - Echolink 5939
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Allstar Analogue Simplex Gateway
Based in Hatfield
144.9125 Mhz 82.5 Hz
Node Number 537109
Normally connected to HUBNET


DMR Repeater Located in Hatfield Herts 439.425Mhz - 9MHz split CC10
TS2 BrandMiester static TG Hubnet.
TS1 DMR2YSF eg to connect to Southern Fusion use TG 7041893.


Analogue Repeater Located In Welwyn Garden City 433.325Mhz (+1.6MHz) 82.5Hz tone


Fusion DV repeater, Based SW of Hitchin covering Stevenage and Baldock and surrounding Villages.
439.5875 MHz (-9MHz)

GB3VV Coming Soon

Analogue Internet Linked Repeater
Based Old Town Stevenage
Covering Stevenage and the local area.
433.275 Mhz (+1.6 MHz) 82.5 Hz CTCSS
AllStar ????? - Echolink ????


Digital Simplex Gateway
located in Kimpton Herts.
144.8625 MHz
Offering DMR CC01 and D-Star
Not normally connected to anything.


Analogue 6M and 10M gateway with store and forward function. Running Allstar node number ????? 50.540MHz and 29.270MHz
Coming Soon further details to follow.


70.3625Mhz 82.5Hz using Allstar with Parrot Function. A Internet Dashboard is available for users unable to use DTMF.


Analogue Allstar/Echolink Gateway located in Hertford Hertfordshire. 145.225 MHZ 82.5Hz Comming Soon

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